Ancestors of Richeza of LORRAINE-PALATINATE

Theophano (Anastasia) of BYZANTIUM
Birth: about 941 Lakonia, Peloponnisos, Greece
Death: 991-06-15 Constantinople, Byzantium (now Istanbul, Turkey)
Romanus II Lecapenus (Emperor) of BYZANTIUM
Birth: 939 Constantinople, Byzantium (now Istanbul, Turkey)
Death: 963-03-15 Constantinople, Byzantium (now Istanbul, Turkey)
Adelaide (Princess) of BURGUNDY
Birth: 931 Orbe, Burgundy (now in Vaud, Switzerland)
Death: 999-12-16 Seltz, Alsace, Swabia, Germany (now in France)
Otto I "the Great" (Emperor) Holy-Roman GERMANY
Birth: 912-11-23 Wallhausen, Saxony, East Francia (now in Sangerhausen, Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany
Death: 973-05-27 Memleben, Saxony (now in Saxony-Anhalt), Germany
Theophana Sklerena of BYZANTIUM
Birth: point in time between 956 and 960 Constantinople, Byzantium (now Istanbul, Turkey)
Death: 991-06-15 Nijmegen, Holy Roman Empire (now in the Netherlands)
Otto II "the Red" (Emperor) Holy-Roman GERMANY
Birth: 955 Saxony (now in Germany)
Death: 983-12-07 Rome, Italy
Heilwig (von) DILLINGEN
Birth: about 930 Dillingen (now in Saarlouis, Saarland), Germany
Death: 974-01-22 Germany
Herman I of Bonngau (Count) of LORRAINE-PALATINATE
Birth: about 925 France
Death: about 996 Germany
Matilda Liudolfing (Princess) of GERMANY
Birth: about 979-06 Saxony (now in Lower Saxony, Germany)
Death: 1025-11-04 Brauweiler Abbey, Brauweiler (now in Pulheim near Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany
Ezzo (Ehrenfried) (Count) of LORRAINE-PALATINATE
Birth: about 955 Duisburg, Lower Lorraine (now in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)
Death: 1034-03-21 Saalfeld (now in Thuringia, Germany)


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