Ancestors of Otto I (von) HOHENSTAUFEN

Adelaide of LEUVEN
Birth: about 1085 Hainaut (now in Wallonia, Belgium)
Death: about 1158 Abbey of St. Evre, Toul, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lorraine (now in France)
Simon I (Duke) of UPPER LORRAINE
Birth: about 1076 Lorraine (now in France)
Death: 1138-04-13 Nancy, Lorraine (now in France)
Beatrix of Upper LORRAINE
Birth: about 1050 Lorraine (now in France)
Death: 1117 Burgundy (Bourgogne) (now in France)
Stephen I (Count) of BURGUNDY
Birth: 1065 Burgundy (Bourgogne) (now in France)
Death: 1102-05-27 Ashkelon, Palestine (now in Israel)
Wulfhilda Billung (Princess) of SAXONY
Birth: 1072 Saxony (now in Germany)
Death: 1126-12-29 Altdorf (now Weingarten), Württemberg (now near Ravensburg, Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Henry IX "the Black" Welf (Duke) of BAVARIA
Birth: about 1074 Bavaria (now in Germany)
Death: 1126-12-13 Ravensburg, Swabia (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Birth: 1073 Franconia, Bavaria (now in Germany)
Death: 1143-09-24 Klosterneuburg, Wien-Umgebung, Niederösterreich, Austria
Frederick I Hohenstaufen (Duke) of SWABIA
Birth: 1050 Hohenstaufen, Swabia (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Death: 1105-07-21 Hohenstaufen, Swabia (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Agatha of LORRAINE
Birth: about 1119 Nancy, Lorraine (now in France)
Death: 1147-04 Burgundy (Bourgogne) (now in France)
Renaud III (Count) of BURGUNDY
Birth: 1093 Burgundy (Bourgogne) (now in France)
Death: 1148 Germany
Judith Welf (Princess) of BAVARIA
Birth: 1100-05-19 Swabia (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Death: 1130-08-27 Alsace, Swabia, Germany (now in France)
Frederick II "the One Eyed" Hohenstaufen (Duke) of SWABIA
Birth: about 1090 Hohenstaufen, Swabia (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Death: 1147-04-06 Alzey-Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Beatrice I (Countess) of BURGUNDY
Birth: 1143 Burgundy (Bourgogne) (now in France)
Death: 1184-11-15 Jouhe, Burgundy (Bourgogne) (now in France)
Frederick I 'Barbarossa' (Emperor) Holy-Roman GERMANY
Birth: 1122 Waiblingen, Swabia (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Death: 1190-06-10 Saleph River, Cilicia, Anatolia (Turkey)
Birth: about 1171
Death: 1201-01-13 Besançon (Bisanz), Burgundy (Bourgogne) (now in France)


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