Ancestors of Euphrosyne Mstislavna (Princess) of KIEV

Birth: about 1025 Wessex, England
Death: about 1086 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Harold II Godwinson (King) of ENGLAND
Birth: about 1022 Wessex, England
Death: 1066-10-14 Senlac Hill, Hastings, East Sussex, England
Anastasia Monomachos (Princess) of BYZANTIUM
Birth: about 1030 Constantinople, Byzantium (now Istanbul, Turkey)
Death: 1067
Vsevolod I Yaroslavich (Grand Prince) of KIEV
Birth: about 1030 Pereyaslavl, Russia
Death: 1093-04-13
Gytha (Princess) of WESSEX
Birth: about 1056 London, Middlesex, England
Death: 1107-02-05 Kiev, Ukraine
Vladimir II Monomakh (Grand Duke) of KIEV
Birth: 1053 Kiev, Ukraine
Death: 1125-05-19 Kiev, Ukraine
Liubava Dmitrievna Zavidich of NOVGOROD
Birth: about 1105 Velikiy Novgorod, Russia
Mstislav I Vladimirovich (Grand Prince) of KIEV
Birth: 1076-06-01 Turov (now in Belarus)
Death: 1132-04-14 Kiev, Ukraine


Title Borneman-Wagner, Howard-Hause, Trout-Nutting, Boyer-Stutsman Family Tree
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