Ancestors of Sophia of MINSK

Judith I Premyslid (Princess) of BOHEMIA
Birth: about 1058 Prague, Bohemia (now in Czech Republic)
Death: 1086-12-25 Plock, Mazowieckie, Poland
Wladyslaw I (II) Hermann Piast (King) of POLAND
Birth: about 1040 Cracow (Krakow), Poland
Death: 1102-06-04 Plock, Mazowieckie, Poland
Salomea of BERG
Birth: point in time between 1093 and 1101 Berg Castle, Ehingen (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Death: 1144-07-27 Łęczyca (Lentschitza), Poland
Boleslaw III 'Wrymouth' Piast (Prince) of POLAND
Birth: 1086-08-20 Plock, Mazowieckie, Poland
Death: 1138-10-28 Sochaczew, Poland
Richeza (Princess) of POLAND
Birth: 1116-04-12 Poland
Death: after 1156-12-25 Sweden
Volodar Glebovich (Prince) of MINSK
Birth: 1110-10-23 Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Death: about 1186 Minsk (now in Belarus)


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