Ancestors of Stephen III Wittelsbach (Duke) of BAVARIA

Maria Arpad (Princess) of HUNGARY
Birth: 1258 Budapest, Hungary
Death: 1323-03-25 Naples (Napoli), Campania, Italy
Charles II of Anjou (King) of NAPLES
Birth: 1254 Naples (Napoli), Campania, Italy
Death: 1309-05-05 Naples (Napoli), Campania, Italy
Constance Hohenstaufen (Princess) of SICILY
Birth: 1249 Sicily (now in Italy)
Death: 1302-04-09 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Peter III 'the Great' (King) of ARAGON
Birth: about 1239 Valencia, Spain
Death: 1285-11-02 Vilafranca del Penedès, Catalonia, Spain
Beatrice Ascania of BRANDENBURG
Birth: about 1270 Brandenburg, Germany
Death: before 1316-04-26 Schweidnitz, Silesia (now in Poland)
Bolko I 'the Strict' Piast of SILESIA
Birth: point in time between 1252 and 1256 Legnica (Liegnitz), Lower Silesia (now in Poland)
Death: 1301-11-09 Schweidnitz, Silesia (now in Poland)
Matilda of Habsburg (Princess) of GERMANY
Birth: 1253 Rheinfelden near Lörrach (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Death: 1304-12-23 Munich, Bavaria (now in Germany)
Louis II Wittelsbach (Duke) of BAVARIA
Birth: 1229-04-13 Heidelberg, Rhenish Palatinate (now in Baden-Württemberg), Germany
Death: 1294-02-02 Heidelberg, Rhenish Palatinate (now in Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
Eleanor of ANJOU
Birth: 1289-08 Naples (Napoli), Campania, Italy
Death: 1341-08-09 San Nicolo di Arena, Catania, Kingdom of Sicily (now in Italy)
Frederick III Aragon (King) of SICILY
Birth: 1272-12-13 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Death: 1337-06-25 Palermo, Kingdom of Sicily (now in Italy)
Beatrice Piast of SILESIA
Birth: 1290 Glogów (Glogau), Silesia (now in Poland)
Death: 1322-08-24 Munich, Bavaria (now in Germany)
Louis IV Wittelsbach (Emperor) Holy-Roman GERMANY
Birth: 1282-04 Munich, Bavaria (now in Germany)
Death: 1347-10-11 Puch near Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria (now in Germany)
Elisabeth Aragon (Princess) of SICILY
Birth: 1310 Palermo, Palermo, Sicilia, Italy
Death: 1349-03-31 Landshut, Bavaria (now in Germany)
Stephen II Wittelsbach (Duke) of BAVARIA
Birth: 1313-12-22 Munich, Bavaria (now in Germany)
Death: 1375-05-13 Landshut, Bavaria (now in Germany)


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