Ancestors of Judith Arpad of HUNGARY

Maen (Men; Khayar) of BIKAR
Birth: after 896
Zoltan (Zaltas) Arpad (Prince) of HUNGARY
Birth: about 894
Death: about 948
FNU (First Name Unknown) the CUMAN
Birth: 932
Death: about 972
Takson (Taksony) Arpad (Great Prince) of HUNGARY
Birth: about 921
Death: about 970
Sarolta (Princess) of TRANSYLVANIA
Birth: about 950 Transylvania, Hungary
Death: about 1008 Hungary
Geza Arpad (Great Prince) of HUNGARY
Birth: about 945 Esztergom, Hungary
Death: 997-02-01 Esztergom, Hungary
Judith Arpad of HUNGARY
Birth: about 970 Esztergom, Hungary
Death: after 987 Cracow (Krakow), Poland


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