Ancestors of Elizabeth Yaroslavna (Princess) of KIEV

Sigrid Storrada TOSTEDOTTER
Birth: about 940 Götaland, Sweden
Death: 1014-02-02 Västergötland, Sweden
Erik VII "Segersall (King) of SWEDEN
Birth: point in time between 930 and 945 Uppsala, Sweden
Death: about 995 Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
Malusha "the Slav" (de) LIUBECH
Birth: about 944 Liubech, Ukraine
Death: about 1002
Sviatoslav I Igoravich (Grand Duke) of KIEV
Birth: about 915 Kiev, Ukraine
Death: 972-03 Khortytsia, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Astrid (Princess) of OBOTRITES
Birth: about 979 Germany
Death: about 1034 Uppsala, Sweden
Olof III Skötkonung (King) of SWEDEN
Birth: point in time between 980 and 986 Uppsala, Sweden
Death: 1022 Husaby, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Rogneda (Princess) of POLOTSK
Birth: 962 Polotsk, Kievan Rus (now in Belarus)
Death: about 1002 Polotsk, Kievan Rus (now in Belarus)
Vladimir I Sviatoslavich (Saint-Grand Duke) KIEV
Birth: 958 Budyatychi, Ukraine
Death: 1015-07-15 Berestove, Kiev, Ukraine
Ingegerd Olofsdotter (Princess) of SWEDEN
Birth: about 1001 Sigtuna, Stockholm, Sweden
Death: 1050-02-10 Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Yaroslav I "the Wise" (Grand Duke) of KIEV
Birth: about 978 Kiev, Ukraine
Death: 1054-02-20 Vyshhorod, Kiev, Ukraine
Elizabeth Yaroslavna (Princess) of KIEV
Birth: about 1025 Kiev, Ukraine
Death: 1067


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