Elizabeth ADAMS

Elizabeth ADAMS


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Name Elizabeth ADAMS


Type Date Place Sources
birth 15. October 1793 Virginia search of this place
death 4. December 1877 Missouri search of this place

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said to be a cousin of US President John Adams
Edwin Temple Hickman (1792-1888) and Elizabeth Adams Hickman (1793-1877) had 13 children. They lived in Missouri, but many of the children eventually emigrated to the western territories,especially Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and California. The sons (with middle names) were: William Adams (1815-1883); James Barton (1816-1886); Josiah Harvey (1818-1867); Orson (1821-1822);Martin Dickenson (1823-1859); George Washington (1825-1893); Easom Sharp (1828-1916); Thomas Jefferson (1832-?); and Warren D. (1837-1907). The daughters (with married names) were: Lettice Matthews (1819-1888); Caroline Williams (1826-1873); Rhoda Walters (1830-1873); and Sally Lawrence (1835-?).

At one time thay all sat around the same kitchen table.


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