Beatrice (Princess) of CASTILE AND LEON

Beatrice (Princess) of CASTILE AND LEON


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Beatrice (Princess) of CASTILE AND LEON
Name Beatrice of CASTILE
Occupation Queen Consort of Portugal point in time between 7. January 1325 and 28. May 1357


Type Date Place Sources
birth 8. March 1293 Toro, Zamora, Leon, Spain search of this place
death 25. October 1359 Lisbon, Portugal search of this place
marriage 12. September 1309

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
12. September 1309
Alphonso (Afonso) IV 'the Brave' (King) of PORTUGAL

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Beatrice of Castile or Beatriz (8 March 1293 - 25 October 1359) was Queen of Portugal by marriage and Infanta of Castile-León by birth.[1][2] She was the wife of King Afonso IV of Portugal, and the youngest daughter of King Sancho IV of Castile and his Queen, María de Molina. On 12 September 1309, Beatrice was married to the later Afonso IV of Portugal who was the only son of Denis of Portugal and Elizabeth of Aragon. References Jump up ^ Reassessing the Roles of Women as 'Makers' of Medieval Art Page 1071 2012 "Beatriz of Castile (1293-1359)" Jump up ^ Douglas L. Wheeler, Walter C. Opello, Jr. Historical Dictionary of Portugal 2010 Page 206 "PEDRO I, KING (1320-1367). The eighth king of Portugal and fourth son of King Afonso IV and Beatriz of Castile." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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