Vladislaus I Přemyslid (Duke) of BOHEMIA

Vladislaus I Přemyslid (Duke) of BOHEMIA


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Vladislaus I Přemyslid (Duke) of BOHEMIA
Name Vladislav PŘEMYSLID
Occupation Duke of Bohemia point in time between 1109 and 1117
Occupation Duke of Bohemia point in time between 1120 and 1125


Type Date Place Sources
birth about 1065 Prague, Bohemia (now in Czech Republic) search of this place
death 12. April 1125 Bohemia (now in Czech Republic) search of this place
marriage before 1111

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
before 1111
Richenza of BERG

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Vladislaus I (Czech: Vladislav) (c. 1065 - 12 April 1125), duke of Bohemia from 1109 to 1117 and from 1120 until his death. Vladislav I was a son of Duke, later King, Vratislaus II of Bohemia by his second wife Svatava, a daughter of Casimir I of Poland. Together with his cousin Svatopluk, Vladislav expelled his brother Borivoj II from Bohemia in 1107. In 1109 Svatopluk died, and Vladislav I succeeded as Duke of Bohemia. Borivoj II returned from exile with the support of Prince Boleslaw III Wrymouth of Poland, but was defeated and imprisoned by Vladislav in 1110. He exiled him into the custody of his ally, Holy Roman Emperor Henry V. In spite of his victory, Vladislav I remained under Polish pressure and was forced to recognize a younger brother, Sobeslav, as subordinate ruler of Moravia in Znojmo (Znaim) from 1111. In 1117 Vladislav I formally abdicated in favor of Borivoj II, but retained much of the actual power. In 1120 Borivoj was deposed again and endowed with Znojmo, while Vladislav resumed the throne, which he held until his death in 1125. Vladislav I ruled in a difficult time with considerable success. Although he continued to acknowledge the suzerainty of the Holy Roman Empire, he weathered the interventions of Poland into Bohemian affairs, conflicts with his kinsmen in Moravia, and undertook offensive campaigns against both Poland and Austria. In 1110-1111 Vladislav accompanied Emperor Henry V on his Italian expedition, and he encouraged continued German settlement into Bohemia's border regions. Family By his wife Richeza of Berg (died 27 September 1125), daughter of Count Henry I of Berg, Vladislav I had four children: Svatava Vladislav II of Bohemia (c. 1110 - 18 January 1174), King of Bohemia Depold I of Jamnitz (died August 1167) Jindrich References A. Thiele, Erzählende genealogische Stammtafeln zur europäischen Geschichte, Band I:1, Fischer, 1991. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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