Świętosława Piast (Princess) of POLAND

Świętosława Piast (Princess) of POLAND


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Świętosława Piast (Princess) of POLAND
Occupation Duchess Consort of Bohemia point in time between 1062 and 1085
Occupation Queen Consort of Bohemia point in time between 1085 and 1092


Type Date Place Sources
birth point in time between 1046 and 1048
death 1. September 1126 Bohemia (now in Czech Republic) search of this place
marriage 1062

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Swietoslawa of Bohemia or Swietoslawa of Poland (Czech: Svatava Polská (c. 1046-1048 - 1 September 1126)) was the third wife of Duke (later King) Vratislaus II of Bohemia and the first Queen of Bohemia as of 1085. Origin Swietoslawa was the daughter of Duke Casimir I of Poland and his wife Maria Dobroniega of Kiev. She was related to the House of Premysl, the family of her future husband, through her great-grandmother Dobrawa of Bohemia. Her brothers Boleslaus II the Bold and Vladislaus I Herman were rulers of Poland. Marriage to Vratislaus Vratislaus married Swietoslawa in 1062, one year after the death of the previous duchess, Vratislaus' second wife Adelaide of Hungary.[1] His first wife Maria had died after the birth of their stillborn child. According to German historians, Swietoslawa was 15 years' old at the time of their marriage, while according to Oswald Balzer, she was aged 19 to 22. With this marriage, the neutrality of Bohemia was ensured in the Polish-German conflict. In addition, Vratislaus demonstrated friendly relationships with Boleslaus II the Bold, but some time after he had a dispute with Boleslaus about Czech-Polish borders. The first Queen of Bohemia The new duchess gave birth to four children; Vratislaus had four other ones already. The youngest son, Sobeslav, was probably born in 1075. Her sons Vladislaus and Sobeslav became dukes in the unquiet years after the death of their father, while her daughter Judith was married to Wiprecht, his ally and friend. There is little information about this duchess, although she was crowned together with her husband as King and Queen in 1085 by archbishop Egilbert. They reigned for the next seven years. Widow In 1092 Swietoslawa was left a widow and saw a struggle for the throne of Bohemia among the Premyslids. In 1111, she assisted in negotiations between Vladislaus I and Boleslaw III Wrymouth. After Vratislaus' death, she tried to soften clashes between their youngest sons Vladislaus and Sobeslav. In 1125, the dying Vladislaus I confirmed his relative Otto II the Black as his successor, which was also the wish of Vladislaus' wife, Richeza of Berg. Only the intervention of his mother changed his opinion, and Vladislaus reconciled with his brother Sobeslav.[1] Swietoslawa, who was a widow for thirty years, lived to see the victory of her son Sobeslav in the Battle of Chlumec and died in September 1126. Children Boleslaus (-1091) Borivoj II of Bohemia (c. 1064-2 February 1124), Duke of Bohemia Vladislaus I of Bohemia (-12 April 1125), Duke of Bohemia Sobeslav I of Bohemia (-14 February 1140), Duke of Bohemia Judith (c. 1066-9 December 1108), married to Wiprecht de Groitzsch Literature VANÍCEK, V. Vratislav II. (I.) První ceský král. Prague : Vyšehrad, 2004. KAREŠOVÁ, Z.; PRAŽÁK, J. Královny a knežny ceské. Prague : X-Egem, 1996. References ^ Jump up to: a b KAREŠOVÁ, Z.; PRAŽÁK, J. Královny a knežny ceské. Prague : X-Egem, 1996. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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