Gertrude von Babenberg of AUSTRIA

Gertrude von Babenberg of AUSTRIA


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Gertrude von Babenberg of AUSTRIA
Occupation Duchess Consort of Bohemia point in time between 1140 and 1150


Type Date Place Sources
birth 23. February 1119 Vienna, Austria search of this place
death 8. April 1150 Prague, Bohemia (now in Czech Republic) search of this place
marriage 1140

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
Vladislaus II Přemyslid (King) of BOHEMIA

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Gertrude of Babenberg (c.?1118 - 8 April 1150) was the first wife of Vladislaus II of Bohemia and a Duchess of Bohemia. She was the daughter of count Leopold III, Margrave of Austria, and his wife Agnes of Germany. Gertrude married the Duke of Bohemia in 1140. Through her mother, she was a half-sister of Conrad III of Germany, thus a good catch for Vladislaus. At the time of siege of Prague by Conrad II of Znojmo (1142), she successfully defended Prague Castle with the help of her brother-in-law Depold while Vladislaus sought assistance from Conrad III of Germany. She participated in projects of her husband Vladislaus to found new religious institutions and due to her encouragement, the duke invited foreign religious orders to establish themselves in Bohemia. She gave birth to four children and died in 1150 at the age of 30 in Prague. Issue Frederick, Duke of Bohemia Svatopluk, married a daughter of Géza II of Hungary Vojtech, archbishop of Salzburg as Adalbert III Agnes (died 7 June 1228), abbess of St George of Prague From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The House of Babenberg was the Austrian ruling house in the 10th-13th century. Leopold I of Babenberg became margrave of Austria in 976. The Babenbergs' power was modest, however, until the 12th century, when they came to dominate the Austrian nobility. With the death of Duke Frederick II in 1246, the male line of the Babenbergs ended, and the family's power declined rapidly.


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