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Name Eilika of SCHWEINFURT


Type Date Place Sources
birth about 1005 Schweinfurt (now in Lower Franconia, Bavaria), Germany search of this place
death after 10. December 1059
marriage about 1020

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
about 1020
Bernhard II Billung (Duke) of SAXONY

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Eilika of Schweinfurt (c. 1005 - 10 Dec aft. 1059) came from a Bavarian noble family. She was daughter of Margrave Henry of Schweinfurt and Gerberga of Gleiberg (970 - aft. 1036).[1][2] Around 1020, Eilika married Bernard II, Duke of Saxony and was mother of:[1][2] Ordulf, Duke of Saxony (1022 - 1072) Herman (d. 1086) Gertrude (d. 1115), married Floris I, Count of Holland in 1050 and Robert I, Count of Flanders in 1063 Hedwig, married Engelbert I, Count of Spanheim (d. 1096) Ida (d. 31 Jul 1102), married Frederick, Duke of Lower Lorraine (d. 1065) with the county of La Roche as a dowry, and Count Albert III of Namur References[edit] ^ Jump up to: a b "Eilika Schweinfurt" (in French). Histoire de l'Europe et de la Mediterranee. ^ Jump up to: a b "Eilika Margravine of Schweinfurt". Mathematical. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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