Emma of MELNÍK

Emma of MELNÍK


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Emma of MELNÍK
Name Emma of MĚLNÍK
Name Hemma of Bohemia & MORAVIA
Occupation Ducal Consort of Bohemia point in time between 989 and 1004


Type Date Place Sources
birth about 941
death about 1005 Melník, Bohemia (now in Czech Republic) search of this place
marriage 989

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
Boleslaus II Premyslid (Duke) of BOHEMIA

Notes for this person

Emma (Hemma) (b. before 950, d. 1005/1006) was a Bohemian duchess consort as the second wife of Boleslaus II of Bohemia. Her origins are uncertain. The historian Gelasius Dobner (1719-1790) thought she was a princess of Burgundy, and this theory has been recently respected. However the latest research of historians and numismatics indicate that she was of Italian-Burgundian origin and identified with Queen Emma of France (Emma of Italy), widow of King Lothair of France (d. 986). She became the second or wife of Boleslaus I about the year 989 and died either in 1005 or 1006. It was traditionally supposed by Czech historians that Emma was the mother of Boleslaus' younger sons Oldrich and Jaromír and that the mother of the oldest son, Boleslaus III of Bohemia, was Adiva, the first wife of Boleslaus II. Afraid of Boleslaus III, Emma chose to go into exile at the court of Bavaria in 1001 together with Oldrich and Jaromír. The brothers sought military backing from the German King Henry II. This action definitively placed Bohemia within the jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1004, Jaromír occupied Prague with a German army and made himself Duke. Emma came back to Bohemia, maybe living in Melník, where she died. The proof of the existence of Duchess Emma are denars (coins) with the inscription ENMA REGINA ("Queen Emma", not duchess). References Jan Kilián and Luboš Polanský (eds.): Emma regina, Civitas Melnic, Melník-Praha, 2008, ISBN 978-80-903899-1-5.


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