Thomas (Duke) of Clarence (Prince) of ENGLAND

Thomas (Duke) of Clarence (Prince) of ENGLAND


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Thomas (Duke) of Clarence (Prince) of ENGLAND
Occupation Duke of Clarence point in time between 1412 and 1421


Type Date Place Sources
birth 29. September 1388 England search of this place
death 22. March 1421 Baugé, Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire, France search of this place
marriage 1411

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
Margaret Holland (Duchess of Clarence) (de) HOLAND

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Thomas of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Clarence (29 September 1388 - 22 March 1421) was the second son of King Henry IV of England and his first wife, Mary de Bohun. Thomas married Lady Margaret Holand, daughter of Thomas Holand, 2nd Earl of Kent in 1411 and was created Duke of Clarence in 1412. He was killed by Sir Alexander Buchanan at the Battle of Baugé in France and was buried in Canterbury Cathedral. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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