Ferdinand IV (King) of CASTILE AND LEON

Ferdinand IV (King) of CASTILE AND LEON


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Ferdinand IV (King) of CASTILE AND LEON
Occupation point in time between 25. April 1295 and 7. September 1312 King of Castile and Leon search of this place


Type Date Place Sources
birth 6. December 1285 Seville, Andalusia, Spain search of this place
death 7. September 1312 Jaén, Andalusia, Spain search of this place
marriage 1302

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
Constance (Princess) of PORTUGAL

Notes for this person

Ferdinand IV, El Emplazado or "the Summoned," (6 December 1285 - 7 September 1312) was a king of Castile (1295-1312) and León and Galicia (1301-1312). He was a son of Sancho El Bravo and his wife Maria de Molina. Life[edit] His strange title is given to him in the chronicles because of a story in which he tyrannically puts to death two brothers named Carvajal, and was given a time (plazo) by them in which to answer for his crime in the next world. But the tale is not contemporary, and is an obvious copy of the story told of Jacques de Molay, grand-master of the Temple, and Philip IV of France. His reign came at a time of anarchy. From 1296 to 1301 the Kingdom of León was independent under Juan I of León, being crowned as King of León, Galicia and Seville. He owed his escape from the violence of competitors and nobles, partly to the tact and undaunted bravery of his mother Maria de Molina, and partly to the loyalty of the citizens of Ávila, who gave him refuge within their walls. As a king he proved ungrateful to his mother, and weak as a ruler. In 1302 he married Constance, daughter of King Denis of Portugal. Their children were: Eleanor (1307-1359), married King Alfonso IV of Aragon Constance (1308-1310) Alfonso XI of Castile (1311-1350) In 1309 he captured Gibraltar from the Moors (who had held it since 711) with the help of Alonso Pérez de Guzmán of Aragón. He died suddenly in his tent at Jaén when preparing for a raid into the Emirate of Granada on 7 September 1312. References Public Domain This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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