Adelheid Emilie Therese

Adelheid Emilie Therese


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Name Adelheid Emilie Therese


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birth 25. December 1844 Tyskland, Görlitz search of this place

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Richard Leopold JASTRAU


1 Denmark, Copenhagen Police Registrations, 1890-1923,
Publication: MyHeritage

Registrations were updated to contain the most up-to-date information on Copenhagen’s citizenry. All new residents were required to register upon moving into Copenhagen. Already-registered residents were required to update their registration every time their address changed, a child turned 14, or a woman was divorced or widowed. Some Frederiksberg addresses were recorded on registration formsdue to people moving between Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. During the period police registration was required, 1.9 million people were recorded at 4.2 million addresses. Police registration was replaced by civil registration in 1923.

Original police registration forms have been digitized and made searchable by the Copenhagen City Archives.

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