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Name Pieter BRANTJES


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birth 1872 Haarlemmermeer search of this place
marriage 29. April 1897 Assendelft search of this place

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29. April 1897
Anna AL

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Title Sprenger and Weijl family tree

Welcome on the familytree of the families Sprenger and Weijl.
The central person in the Sprenger-part of the family tree is Johann Heinrich Sprenger (1810-1861), who on the age
of  18 years migrated from Essen (Germany) to Amsterdam, started to work as an smith apprentice on a shipyard
and in 1841 married Maria Christina Doncker, daughter of a carpenter.

The familytree is build by Maria, Fred en Jeroen Sprenger.

In Februari 2014 we received a manuscript of Georg Sprenger, retired government doctor in Duisburg.
The manuscript about the history of the Sprenger Family, was written in 1955.
It started with Dietrich Sprenger from Wülfrat. Dietrich  got 2 sons. One of them, Johann Peter, moves to Essen. Johann Heinrich, who in 1828 migrated toAmsterdam is a direct descendant of Dietrich and Johann Peter.

The information of Georg Sprenger, a direct descend  ant too, is incorporated in the familytree.

The central person in the Weijl part of the familitree is Michael Jacob Weijl (1747-1795).
Michael Jacob, a medical doctor, migrated around 1770 from Mannhein or Frankfurt am Main to Nijmegen, where he married Petronella de Wolff (1745-1813). 

Remarks, corrections or additions will be appreciated.

They can be send to Fred Sprenger, sprenger@solcon.nl, or Jeroen Sprenger, jjcspr@xs4all.

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