Geza Arpad (Great Prince) of HUNGARY

Geza Arpad (Great Prince) of HUNGARY


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Geza Arpad (Great Prince) of HUNGARY
Name Geza Magyar (King) of HUNGARY
Occupation Great Prince of Hungary point in time between 972 and 997


Type Date Place Sources
birth about 945 Esztergom, Hungary search of this place
death 1. February 997 Esztergom, Hungary search of this place
marriage before 970

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
before 970
Sarolta (Princess) of TRANSYLVANIA

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Géza of Hungary (born around 940-945, died 997) (maybe Gyécsa in original ancient hungarian, Slovak: Gejza), grand prince of the Magyars (ruled from around 972-997) was great-grandson of the Árpád who gave his name to the ruling dynasty. He was accepted as "King of Hungary" by Otto I in 972. Geza permitted Christian missionaries to come to his country, was baptized in 985 (other sources say 972 by bishop Bruno of Sankt Gallen), and permitted his son and successor Stephen to be baptized as well. Although he was mainly accepted as a Christianised king he stayed pagan in heart. Nevertheless he changed his political views and started peace talks with all the surrounding emperors to stabilize the country, and followed his father's intentions to stop raids to the surrounding areas. His wife was called Sarolta and in the last years of Geza she had a strong influence on the leadership of the country. Geza was the son of Taksony, prince of Magyars and his wife, a daughter von Kumanien. Geza had a brother named Michael of Hungary born in 955 at Esztergom, who became Regent of Poland and died about 978. Geza's father Taksony was the son of Zoltán of Hungary, Prince of Magyars (896 - 949), who in turn was the son of Árpád. Background: Árpád's great-grandson Géza, who succeeded to the hereditary chief leadership in 972 and reestablished its authority over the tribal chiefs. In 973 he sent an embassy to the Holy Roman emperor Otto II at Quedlinburg, (now in Saxony-Anhalt), Germany, and in 975 he and his family were received into the Western church. In 996 his son, Stephen (István), married Gisella, a Bavarian princess. Stephen I (997-1038) carried on his father's work. With the help of heavily armed Bavarian knights, he crushed his rivals for the headship. Applying to Pope Sylvester II, he received the insignia of royalty from the papacy and, according to tradition, was crowned king on Christmas Day, 1000. The event was of immeasurable importance, for not only did Hungary enter the spiritual community of the Western world but it did so without having to recognize the political suzerainty of the Holy Roman Empire. This was possible because Sylvester, who extended papal protection to Hungary, held great sway with the emperor, Otto III, who had once been his pupil. Stephen then effected the conversion of his people to Christianity. Once St. Stephen (he was canonized in 1083) established his rule, his authority was rarely questioned. He fought few foreign wars and made his long reign a period of peaceful consolidation. But his death in 1038 was followed by many years of discord. His only son, Imre (Emeric), had predeceased him, and the nation rebelled against his designated successor, Peter (the son of Stephen's sister and the doge of Venice), who was expelled in 1041. Peter returned in 1044 with the help of Emperor Henry III. The “national” king, Samuel Aba, who had taken Peter's place, was murdered, but Peter himself was killed in a pagan rebellion in 1046. Andrew (Endre) I, of a collateral branch of the house of Árpád, was killed in 1060 fleeing from his brother, Béla I, and after Béla's death there was a further conflict between his sons, Géza and Ladislas (László), and Andrew's son, Salamon. Peace returned only when, after the short rule of Géza I (1074-77), the throne passed to Ladislas I, who occupied it until 1095.


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