Franz (Frank) HARANT

Franz (Frank) HARANT


Type Value Date Place Sources
Name Franz (Frank) HARANT


Type Date Place Sources
birth 19. October 1837 Antigl, Innergefild, Bergreichenstein, Bohemia search of this place
death 1889 Bohemia, Austrian Empire search of this place
marriage 1872 Parish Rehberg (Srní), Bohemia search of this place

Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
Parish Rehberg (Srní), Bohemia
Barbara WOLF


1 // NOTE This information comes from 1 or more individual Ancestry Family Tree f // NOTE.CONC iles. This source citation points you to a current version of those fil // NOTE.CONC es. Note: The owners of these tree files may have removed or changed i // NOTE.CONC nformation since this source citation was created. Ancestry Family Trees (Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network. Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members.) // SOUR.PAGE Ancestry Family Trees // SOUR.DATA.TEXT // SOUR.DATA.TEXT.CONC 5030302 Report and Chart on Harrand (Harant) family; (Prague, Czech Republic) Research by Siewi Gertrud // NOTE Pathfinders Research: Franz Harant, from Uhlíkov 17, son of Theresia Ha // NOTE.CONC rant, daughter of Martin Harant, cottager from Antigl 39, and his wife, T // NOTE.CONC heresia, born Drexler, from Prasily 3. // NOTE.CONT // NOTE.CONT FRANZ, Catholic, male, illegitimate (father not mentioned) // NOTE.CONT // NOTE.CONT Birthplace: Antigl 39 (or Antigel - part of the village Kvilda, no long // NOTE.CONC er exists as an independent village) // NOTE.CONT // NOTE.CONT Godparents: Kaspar Krikl, from Antigl 26, and his wife Anna // NOTE.CONT // NOTE.CONT Researchers note: The register of births no. 7 of the parish Zelnava (1 // NOTE.CONC 827-1840) does not mention the birth record of Frantisek. The record of h // NOTE.CONC is son Jakub mentions Frantisek as "son of Theresia Harant, daughter of M // NOTE.CONC artin Harant, cottager from Antigl 39 and his wife". No father was ment // NOTE.CONC ioned, indicating that he might have been illegitimate. We found the re // NOTE.CONC cord and he was indeed born as an illegitimate son of Theresia Harant w // NOTE.CONC ho, at that time, was still living with her parents in the village Anti // NOTE.CONC gl. // NOTE.CONT // NOTE.CONT Note: According to family legend, the father was a Winkelbauer and he w // NOTE.CONC as killed crossing the border illegally, in an attempt to buy a wedding d // NOTE.CONC ress for his pregnant fiance. // NOTE.CONT ----------------------- // NOTE.CONT Alternate possible birthplace: Antigl 39, Innergefild, Bergreichenstein // NOTE.CONC , Böhmen Source #1 // MARR.SOUR Report and Chart on Harrand (Harant) family; (Prague, Czech Republic) // MARR.SOUR Pathfinders Research Report, Researcher Olga Cerna 7Mar06 // MARR.SOUR // NOTE The register of marriages no. 15 of the parish Zelnava (1863-1875) does n // NOTE.CONC ot mention the marriage of Frantisek Harant and his wife Barbora, born W // NOTE.CONC olf. The marriage will probably be recorded in registers of the village V // NOTE.CONC chynice-Tetov, from where Barbora originated. This village belonged to t // NOTE.CONC he parish Srní; the registers of this parish should be in the State Reg // NOTE.CONC ional Archives in Pilsen or still in one of the local offices (probably i // NOTE.CONC n Kasperske Hory). // NOTE.CONT ---------- // NOTE.CONT Franz got his birth certificate for the purpose of marriage on 5 May 18 // NOTE.CONC 72 for the parish Srni. On July 6 his legitimate daughter Amalia was bo // NOTE.CONC rn. Therefore it is sure that the marriage took place between 5 May and 6 J // NOTE.CONC uly 1872. The place of marriage was presumably in the parish district o // NOTE.CONC f Srni. (Pathfinders Research, 28 Feb 2007) Source #23


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