Anna Maria BIRKIGT

Anna Maria BIRKIGT


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Name Anna Maria BIRKIGT


Type Date Place Sources
birth 1722 Germany search of this place
marriage 10. September 1742 Seifersdorf, Doebeln, Sachsen, Germany search of this place



Spouses and Children

Marriage Spouse Children
10. September 1742
Seifersdorf, Doebeln, Sachsen, Germany
Hans Gottfried HESSEL

Notes for this person

She was born about 1722. Her father was Johann Birkigt. The name of her mother is unknown. The family lived in the village Maaschwitz in the Collmen parish near Colditz in Saxony in Germany. The family also lived in a village Naundorf in Saxony. (H8)

She grew up on her father's small farm. (H8)

She married the single Hans Gottfried Hessel from the village Seifersdorf, which is near Döbeln in Saxony, on the 10th of September 1742 in the Lutheran church in Seifersdorf. (H8)
They raised a family in Seifersdorf. (H8)

She died on the 3rd of November 1780 in Seifersdorf. She was 58 years old and had 11 children and 12 grandchildren. She was buried in the cemetery in Seifersdorf. (H8)

Other Information:
1. A child named Justina Birkigt was born in Maaschwitz on the 5/5/1722. Her parents were Hans and Maria Birkigt.

2. A child named Anna Maria Birkigt was born in the village Erlln, which is a distance of 1 km from Maaschwitz. Erlln is also in the Collmen parish. Her parents were Hans and Elisabeth Birkigt. This couple had no other children in the Collmen parish.

3. There is a Naundorf near Oschatz, one Naundorf near Großbothen and another Naundorf near Leisnig (Altenhof parish?). I think the ancestors of the above lived in the one near Leisnig.


Title Kaszubowski, Rachfalak, Mohrmann
Description Die Familien Kaszubowski, Rachfalak und Mohrmann von Bremen.
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